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Co-founder, educator, project manager

NGO Projeto Cala-boca já morreu


2020 - 2021

Flux Fellow

Podcast team manager

Produced a special episode on Brazilian Environmental Education policies for the FreshEd Flux program. Created and currently am part of the editorial board of Eduquê, the Portuguese language version of FreshEd.

New York, United States

2020 - 2021

Youth Outreach Coordinator

Created and implemented a program bringing together 20+ youth to gather data from NYC students and connect to policymakers advocating for improved climate action educational policies.

New York, United States

2020 - 2021

Graduate Associate Consultant

New York, United States

Collaborated with a multidisciplinary team to refine a strategy and design a measurement system and grantee selection process for national education foundations in the US, leading to the advancement of Black and Latinx student’s achievement in school systems.

2019 - 2021

Outreach Coordinator

New York, United States

Reshaped the center’s podcast and produced six episodes, advancing international discussions on decolonization and peace education to thousands of listeners, including a three-episode series on Colonialism and Covid-19 that was featured in the 2020 Equal Health’s Global Social Medicine Summit.

2013 - 2020

Co-founder, project manager, graphic recorder

São Paulo, Brazil

Translated events’ outputs to visual synthesis for hundreds of organizations related to human rights, environment, and culture (e.g., Greenpeace, Purpose, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung) to strengthen their ability to retain, share, and think through their discussions

Trained hundreds of people in visual thinking techniques, amplifying people’s ability to communicate visually and expand their perspectives to complex discussions

2008 - 2011

Project manager, educator

Coordinated a national network of 50 youth+ organizations and organized and led dozens of trainings and workshops on using digital storytelling and life stories as a mechanism for social change

São Paulo, Brazil

2008 - Present

Facilitator of events and group meetings

Autonomous consultancy

Brazil and United States

Facilitated sessions on race and inequality in education for the Reimagining Education Summer Institute at Teachers College, engaging 1,000+ worldwide education professionals in antiracist conversations

Created the methodology and led the facilitation of the Youth Agents Forum, an event by a major education foundation in Brazil that brought together 1,900+ students from public schools in five Brazilian states to discuss student participation in school management in 2016

1996 - Present

Co-founder, educator, project manager

NGO Projeto Cala-boca já morreu

Founded this 25-year-old non-profit organization at age 10, reaching thousands of youth and teachers in radio, video, and photography workshops throughout the years at local, national, and international events, contributing to critical, civic, and cultural education practices.

São Paulo, Brazil


2019 - 2021


MA International Education Development

New York, United States

Concentration: Peace and Human Rights Education

Associations: Decolonization Study Group, Paulo Freire Initiative, Media and Social Change Lab, Center for Sustainable Futures.

Topics of study: Decolonization, Environmental Education, Peace and Human Rights Education, Monitoring and Evaluation, Critical Theories, Quantitative Analysis.

3.9 GPA

2005 - 2010


Bachelor in Fine Arts (Audiovisual)

São Paulo, Brazil

Topics of study: Educommunication, Media Education, Editing.

3.9 GPA


Professional skillset


Strategic analysis


Critical thinking


Visual thinking





Empathic communication


Meeting and training facilitation


Public speech


Shirley Chisholm Trailblazer Award for student excellence and leadership (2021)

Teachers College Student Leadership Grant (2021)


Arthur Zankel Urban Fellowship (2020)


FreshEd Flux Fellow (2020)


Person of the Year Award (2020)


Lemann Fellowship (2019)


Portuguese (native)

English (proficient)


Spanish (proficient)

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