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For most of my life, I have been a practitioner in non-formal education within NGOs, developing work around environmental, civic, human rights, and media education, especially with youth, both on the ground and in management positions. I have worked with organizations like the Swarovski and Rosa Luxembourg Foundations, as well as the Brazilian ministries for the environment and education while running my own education NGO for over ten years.

As a recent graduate of the International Education Development MA program at Teachers College, I have worked with equity-focused education consultancy, and climate change education and activism. My research interests are within the intersections between youth development and social participation, media education, environmental education, decolonization, and the global South.

I also produce podcasts and I am keen on visual thinking :)

Learn more on my online portfolio.

#YouthDevelopment #EnvironmentalEducation #MediaEducation #HumanRightsEducation #CivicEducation #Decolonization #Podcasting #VisualThinking #Facilitation
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